Latest News

  • Tiffin School 21C New Building Appeal

    We are delighted that generous donations from alumni, previous parents and current parents towards the 21C New Building Appeal (to fit out a new canteen, classrooms and offices following a government grant of £3 million) now over £160,000.  Thank you to Tiffin donors for your generosity.  However this amount is short of our £200,000 target and there is still the opportunity to donate to this project.

  • 60th Anniversary of the Tiffin Boys' Choir

    To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Tiffin Boys' Choir, the Tiffinian Association has gathered photos of the Choir to add to the School's Archives. We are absolutely delighted with the new photos we have gathered!  One of the photos even includes a photograph of John Walker, the esteemed Founder of the Choir.

Attendees at 2017 Tiffin Annual Dinner/Choir Celebration

Liz Walker, sister of John Walker

Ralph Allwood (1968)

Elizabeth Barrett (Deputy Head)

Hilda Clarke (former Headteacher)

Richard Cooke (Tiffin Director of Choral Music, 1974-1980)

Neville Creed  (Tiffin Director of Choral Music, 1980-1984)

Nicky Creed

James Day (Tiffin Director of Choral Music 2016-present)

Tony Dempsey (1962) (former Headteacher)

Sandy Dempsey

Ben Driver (former Maths teacher)

George Dryden (former Maths teacher)

Caroline Everson (former member of Tiffin Office)

Mike Gascoigne (Headteacher)

Ian Langrish (Geography teacher)

Stuart Lester (1974) (former Chairman of Governors)

Sarah Lester

Tony Millard (1973) (Chairman of the Tiffinian Association)

Norma Millard

David Nield (Tiffin Director of Music until 2002)

Avis Marshall (former Theatre Studies teacher)

Matthew O'Malley (Director of Music)

Andrew Perry (Former Music Teacher)

Phil Phillips (1973) (Chairman of Governors)

Sunok Phillips

Colin Prince (former Deputy Head)

Mary Prince

Ann Rice

John Rice (former Deputy Head)

Anthea Smith (former Music Department Secretary)

Tony Smith (former rugby master)

Steve Thompson (former Maths teacher)

Simon Toyne (Tiffin Director of Choral Music 1991-2015)

Howard Watson (former Deputy Head)

Sheelagh Watson

Martin Williams (MFL/Cricket/Badminton teacher)

Peter Williams (former cover teacher)

Derek Higham (1944)

Pamela Higham

James Swift (1947)

Geoffrey Latham (1951)

Diana Latham

Brian Southcott (1951)

Joan Southcott

Alan Deal (1952)

Bryon Smith (1953)

Angela Smith

John Dibley (1955)

Julia Martin

John Pullan (1956)

Peter Smith (1956)

Dennis Clarke (1960)

Brian Crisp (1960)

Yvonne Crisp

Keith Plummer (1960)

Hilary Plummer

Greer Kirkwood (1961)

David Tyrrell (1961)

Angela Tyrrell

John Wright (1962)

Glenis Wright

Gordon Mylchreest (1963)

Margaret Mylchreest

Rodney Bennion (1964)

Elizabeth Bennion

Mike Taylor (1964)

Len Speller (1965)

Nigel Horder (1966)

Leslie Billig (1966)

Michael Redston (1966)

Robert Humphrys (1967)

David Marchese (1968)

Noel Curtis (1969)

Manuella Jordao

Peter Osborne (1970)

Stephen Harrap (1970)

Gaston Harrap

Jack Foster (1972)

Sue Foster

Nigel Angus (1973)

Jacky Angus

David Mason (1973)

Jennifer Ward

Nick Wright (1974)

Andrew Langford (1975)

Mark Darby (1977)

Paul Day (1977)

Jeremy Hoyland (1977)

Sean Lang (1978)

Fraser Wigley (1978)

Paul Martin (1980)

Joseph Tang (1981)

Christopher Tchen (1982)

Mark Draisey (1982)

Peter Robinson (1982)

Bryan Tucker (1982)

Edward Coton (1983)

Paul Douglass (1985)

Robert Rice (1989)

Martin Lucas-Smith (1996)

Alex Deveson (1997)

Ben Sawyer (1997)

Toby Brown (1999)

Neil Jennings (1999)

Michael Stimpson (1999)

James Strong (2003)

Karina Konz

Thomas Nichols (2011)

Nathan Langford (Head Boy)

Barbara Slinger

Yvonne Williams