Latest News

  • Tiffin School 21C New Building

    The School is delighted that generous donations from alumni, former parents, current parents and friends of the School for the 21C New Building (to fit out a new dining hall, kitchen, classrooms and offices) have met the target of £200,000.  Tiffin School is very grateful to donors for their generosity!



  • The 2018 Tiffin Alumni Summer Reunion

    Booking is now open! It will take place 7.30pm to 9.30pm on Friday 29 June 2018 in the Head's Garden.

    Alumni who left in years ending with '8' are particularly encouraged to atted to celebrate their milestone year!


Attendees at 2018 Tiffin School Summer Reunion

Mike Gascoigne (Headteacher)

Elizabeth Barrett (Deputy Headteacher)

Caroline Everson (former member of Tiffin Office)

Ian Langrish (Geography teacher)

John Rice (former Deputy Head)

Martin Williams (MFL/Cricket/Badminton teacher)

James Swift (1947)

David Chaffey (1953)

Richard Beardon (1954)

John Dibley (1955)

Richard Hackman (1955)

Peter Smith (1956)

Howard Gough (1958)

Godfrey Jillings (1958)

Ron Marsh (1958)

Carol Marsh

John White (1959)

Richard West (1960)

Greer Kirkwood (1961)

John Wright (1962)

Robin Winckless (1962)

Kojo Jecty (1968)

David Oxman (1968)

Graham Paddon (1968)

David Armstrong (1969)

Ben Hirschler (1975)

Fraser Wigley (1978)

Peter Mills (1978)

Justin Robinson (1978)

John Woodville (1978)

Adrian Baker (1980)

Paul Smart (1982)

Alan Newton (1983)

Catalina Newton

Peter Church (1988)

Mark Wiltshire (1988)

Melanie Wiltshire

Faisal Saifee (1998)

Joe Rattenbury (2008)

Johannes Stellwagen (2008)

Jake Telford (2008)