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Tiffin Record Cards

To recognise the generosity of Tiffin Friends, and to encourage the use of the new on-line donations system, all Old Tiffinians who donate £25 or more to the Tiffinian Association annual fund (code TAL GEN - General Annual or One-Off Contributions ) via the Donate page on TiffinFriends.org will be emailed a scanned image of their school record card. 

Once you have made the donation, please email Alex Swift at TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk to confirm that you would like to receive a copy of your record card. 

The Tiffin School archives contain the collection of school record cards relating to every Tiffin boy who left between 1932 and 2001 - unfortunately after 2001 the records were digitised and hard copy cards were not retained.

As the example shows, record cards include details of each boy's exam results, and usually also a joining and leaving photograph. Thanks are due to Stuart Lester for volunteering to share his record card in this way!


We cannot guarantee that each and every card will have a photo (though most do) but we hope the opportunity to get a copy of this original document will be appreciated nonetheless. Images will be JPEG images with much higher definition than we are able to display in the example on this page. If you would prefer a posted colour photocopy instead, please let us know by emailing Alex Swift to confirm your address. 

The annual fund is used to benefit Tiffin School in many ways, including maintaining excellent facilities such as Grist's, providing sport and educational performance incentives in the form of prizes and supporting initiatives for new equipment to enhance teaching and learning. Please give as generously as you are able to help current students benefit in the same way that past students at Tiffin have always benefited from the generosity of their predecessors.