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Tiffin Medics and Dentists Society


Since 2005, Old Tiffinians have been holding mock interviews, seminars and lectures for prospective medical students in L6 and U6. This has been a great success, increasing the number of medical school offers and providing support for the students by individuals who have been through the process. 

The Tiffin Medics and Dentists Society has been formed to continue this work for both Tiffin School and Tiffin Girls' School, bringing together Old Tiffinians within the profession or medics and dentists. 

Tiffinian Medics and Dentists Society - what can we achieve?

Current Medical Students - Kushala Abeysekera (1998-2005)

We can provide resource for:

Motivational talks on medical school application process.

  • Workshops e.g. problem based learning exercises, for Lower 6th students considering medicine.
  • Reviewing personal statements for medical school applicants.
  • Practice interviews for medical school candidates in Upper 6th.
  • Information directly from medical students regarding their universities' admission process.

And in return:

  • Receive opportunity to develop teaching skills with 6th formers.
  • Strengthen CV for academic foundation or FPAS application.
  • Network with senior doctors.

Junior Doctors - Paul Riley (1993-2000)

We can provide resource for:

School pupils interested in studying medicine (e.g. posting advice on the Tiffinfriends medical group website, returning to Tiffin to speak about medical school and life as a junior doctor).

  • Work experience placements for school pupils.
  • Fellow doctors interested in learning about different career options.

And in return:

Attend medic-based reunion event at Tiffin school

  • Discuss career options with fellow junior doctors and doctors or surgeons established in their specialty
  • Enlarge network of professional medical contacts

Senior Doctors - John Moore-Gillon (1963-1970)

I don't do bullet points!

When I was asked if I might become involved in the planning of this group, I had some reservations. Our professions are fiercely competitive in terms of both entry and career progression, and in the past - but emphatically not now - family ties and the Old Boy Network have played a part in career advancement.

I was wholly reassured, and from the perspective of someone who is in the latter part of his career I see a very real and worthwhile role for the Group. Obviously, it's a ready way of keeping in touch with (and renewing acquaintance with) old friends and colleagues. Second, though, I think that we can offer a service to each other and our juniors in a way which is definitely not a nepotistic helping hand up the ladder.

Consider just a very few simple examples. Would you be prepared to talk to an FY2 (an SHO in old money!) considering a career in general practice, or in your hospital specialty? They may not want senior colleagues in their own hospital to know the way their thoughts are going, and may in any case find it difficult to talk to them in a relaxed way. Perhaps you have had a spell working abroad - or are doing so now - or are in occupational health, or the pharmaceutical industry, or are primarily a lab-based academic ...... are you prepared to discuss your experiences? Can you offer work experience to a sixth former? It's now effectively compulsory for candidates to have done this, but it can be very hard for them to organise. Would you be the guest speaker at a student or local medical society (I've already been co-opted for one!), or do you indeed need somebody to talk at your society?

So much for all the good and worthy things that we can achieve; I think it might well just be enjoyable and fun!

If you are a current student at TS or TGS or you're an alumnus currently studying medicine and dentistry and have a question you would like to ask about medical/dental applications or careers, please email TAL@tiffin.kingston.sch.uk and your email will be forwarded to the TMDS Committee (Vinoth Ravi (2010), Giles Faria (2010) and Ohsun Kwon (2008))